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Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
Author of the 4th edition of the best-selling book: “Email Marketing Rules”

Dela Quist, Agency Founder, Email Marketing/Messaging Technology Expert, Speaker & Board Advisor

Jeanne Jennings, CEO, Only Influencers Founder and Chief Strategist for Email Optimization Shop.

Jakub Olexa, Founder & CEO at Mailkit & Omnivery, M3AAWG Guides Committee Vice-chair, M3AAWG Champions Committee Co-Chair

Matthew Vernhout, Principal Email Advisor, Email Industries | Communications Chair @

Chris Marriott, President & Founder, Email Connect LLC We help top brands connect with the right ESPs and CDPs.

Coming Soon:

Dr. Matthew Dunn, Founder/CEO, Campaign Genius | Real-Time Email Content.

Al Iverson, director email deliverability AWeber, blogger @

Jay Schwedelson, founder of, the leading free subject-line rating tool ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide.

Ryan Phelan, Managing Partner RPE Origin A Person-Focused Modern Email Agency.

Adrian Williams email deliverability expert, Founder, and CEO, Email Angles.

Guy Hanson, VP Customer Engagement, Validity – the most trusted name in customer data quality and email deliverability.

Dmitry Kudrenko, Founder, Stripo Email Marketing, Expert eCommerce and Online B2C Marketing Automation Strategist.

and more to come…

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